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Reach Out Recovery, Community Foundations Partner to Present 'The Silent Majority'
By / August 30, 2013

Reach Out Recovery and the Community Foundations of Sarasota County and Tampa Bay are collaborating to present “The Silent Majority,” a groundbreaking documentary about what teens really want and need to make good choices about drugs and alcohol. The documentary debuts on PBS station WEDU and affiliates on September 19 and will air several times in September, which is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, and October, which is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.

Additionally, WEDU will produce a round-table discussion to accompany the film. Additional show times are September 22nd and 23rd, and on October 17th plus two more October show times the following week (dates and times TBA).

In 2011, filmmakers Leslie and Lindsey Glass (whose first production was the 2012 documentary “The Secret World of Recovery”) turned their cameras on teens to make “The Silent Majority.” While much is known about why children, teens and college students begin using drugs and alcohol, less attention is focused on the young people who don’t use, and the teens that have been addicted and are recovering.

Pills and alcohol are available in liquor and medicine cabinets in almost every home and are prescribed by doctors everywhere for pain or anxiety. Because they are legal, so universally accepted, and readily available, young people and adults alike can be unaware of how deadly they can be.

For parents and the nation, the facts are terrifying: 30% of teens regularly use marijuana, alcohol and pills; 15% are addicted in high school. That means 15 of every 100 high school students are at risk for death before their 20th birthday. And the numbers rise when students enter college: 37,000 teens perish every year from prescription pill overdoses alone. Kids and parents need education and programs for the pre-teen and teen years.

At no time in history have young people faced more challenges to their health and well being, yet the majority of teens are making good choices. “The Silent Majority” highlights teens and college students impacted by four unique programs that empower them do the right thing and change their lives forever. “The Silent Majority” reports on four unique programs that help teens stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free. D-Fy, addiction prevention; Teen Court, intervention; Watch Your BAC, education; and Road Recovery are highlighted to show millions of at risk teens and their families how making good choices can be contagious.

“This unique collaboration opens the door for innovative television programming about teen addiction prevention,” said Leslie Glass. “Our dream was to reach a broad audience with a compelling and positive story that could change local and national opinions about how parents and communities can address teen drug use. But we also wanted to provide public television with a model for collaborating with independent producers of documentaries on social issues. With the support of WEDU, local community foundations and donors to the film, the public will have a chance to see the unsung heroes of our community.” 

Reach Out Recovery is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit, founded by a family that has experienced addiction, whose mission is to lift the stigma from the disease and bring awareness and support to addiction prevention and recovery efforts nationwide. Call 877.628 5828 or go to

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